Polygamy In Romance

Does Polygamy In Marriage Work


Polygamy In Marriage


Fidelity is something that many couples struggle with. In fact, cheating is one of the top reasons for divorce. If you and your partner are frequently tempted by other people, fidelity may not be the best option for you. Instead, you may be better off with an open marriage.

Some people are aghast at the thought of polygamy in marriage. After all, when you agree to get married, you commit yourself to a single person. How can a marriage that doesn’t follow these sorts of rules work? It’s true that an open marriage isn’t the right choice for everyone. There are some people who would be miserable in this sort of relationship. With that said, that doesn’t mean that polygamy can’t work.

Ask yourself these questions if you are thinking about an open relationship.

Why Am I Tempted By Other People?

Before you start dating outside of your marriage, you should figure out why you find other people tempting. Is it because you are unsatisfied with the relationship that you have? You should try to resolve those issues first. On the other hand, if you are tempted even when you’re happy, an open relationship might be a good solution.

Does My Partner Feel The Same Way?

Polygamy can’t work unless everyone in the relationship is on board. If your partner is not happy with the prospect of something like this, you shouldn’t force it. If this isn’t what they want, then the two of you need to look at other options.

Are You A Jealous Person?

If you frequently get jealous, you might not be able to handle an open relationship. After all, you won’t be the only one dating other people. Your partner will be doing the exact same thing. Make sure you’re emotionally equipped for that, before you dive into it.

Polygamy isn’t something that can work for everyone, and that’s okay. No one should feel pressured to date multiple people. At the same time, monogamy doesn’t work for everyone either. There are some people out there who will never be fully happy when they are with a single person. Forcing yourself into a situation that doesn’t work for you simply doesn’t make sense.

If you are having problems with your marriage, polygamy is one of many solutions that you may want to consider. It has a long history behind it and there are many happy polygamists out there.